Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Faculty

In the Performing Arts Faculty we have 16 teaching staff and 4 support staff. We also have peripatetic staff who support our students in Music and are the Hub Site for the Redborne School Sports Partnership.

The Faculty comprises 4 departments, which are: Physical Education, Dance, Music and Drama.

Our Physical Education and Dance lessons are designed to use sport and physical activity as a vehicle to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle and also equip students with the necessary life skills post Redborne.

Each student will engage in 4 core PE lessons over a fortnightly timetable and will participate in a range of sporting activities to develop and strengthen the main strands of our departmental ethos. These include physical literacy, self management, good sportsmanship and positive mental health and well-being.

Physical Education

The facilities we have for PE are impressive and we are very fortunate enough to have a mixture of indoor and outdoor facilities across both our north and south sites. These include a large outdoor field, a Sports Hall, Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA’s) and a 3G football facility in North School and an indoor Gymnasium and Fitness Suite in South School. PE lessons will take place in both the north and south facilities and the activity you are following will determine the location of your lesson.

An extensive list of extra-curricular activities also run throughout the school year and students are encouraged to access one or more of these to further strengthen their physical, social and mental well-being.


We are very lucky that the Dance department has its own personal dance studio space with sprung floors, mirrors, ballet barres and a surround sound system which helps to create and develop our dance students during their lessons. The ‘All Years’ dance club runs weekly alongside the Redborne Dance Company who represent the school at various events. We also have an annual ‘Dance Showcase’ with performances from students across all year groups and is a lovely opportunity to present GCSE and A-Level work, extra curricular club pieces and also special guest performances from ex-Redborne dance students. We are very proud to celebrate that some of our students have gone on to study Dance at various prestigious establishments across the country including Laine Theatre Arts, Bird College and The Trinity Laban College.


Over in Music, all students in year 9 will be provided with the opportunity to engage in compulsory weekly lessons as part of their core timetable. During Years 10,11 and in the Sixth Form there are two pathways of accreditation that students can opt to follow - Music or Music BTEC. The Music department here at Redborne pride themselves on being a fully inclusive department catering for a wide range of styles. The more traditional ensembles such as Orchestra and the School Choir are available alongside the funk and jazz bands which perform regularly within the local community. Additional opportunities are also available through extra curricular provision such as learning a musical instrument, singing lessons and performing in school concerts, musicals and plays with the latter working collaboratively with the Drama department.


Drama is an extremely popular subject to follow for GCSE and A Level here at Redborne and has achieved some remarkable results and outcomes for those students who have chosen to follow these courses. All students in year 9 will get the opportunity to engage in two compulsory Drama lessons over their two weekly timetables and be offered the opportunity to attend an additional Drama class weekly after school. Collectively these provide opportunities for all students to advance their understanding of the Theatre and also develop a range of physical skills and techniques such as movement, body language, posture, gesture, stillness, timing, control; facial expression/expression of mood; spatial awareness; and interaction with other performers.

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