The English Faculty

In the English Faculty we have fifteen teaching staff and one member of support staff. The faculty comprises a number of departments which include GCSE English, A level literature, A level language and literature and film studies.

In year 9, students will study texts from a variety of literary genres and historical periods, analysing the ways in which writers write. Each class will study a Shakespeare play, a novel, a range of non-fiction and fiction writing and poetry. Class work will include group work, discussion and debate as well as written work. Writing activities may include the writing of letters, diaries, speeches, empathetic responses, analytical responses and creative writing. Students will develop their reading skills though the analysis of a range of texts, comprehension tasks and reviews. Grammar will be taught and engaged with in context, so that pupils understand the rules and systems that create the English Language. Students will also participate in library lessons once a fortnight to broaden their classroom experience. They will read, write, discuss and research based on what they study in the classroom. The year 9 course prepares students for the challenges of the AQA GCSE course by encouraging independent, critical thought. Our aim is for students to be effective readers, writers and communicators.