The Humanities Faculty

In the faculty we have 18 teaching staff and one member of support staff. The faculty is broken down into a number of departments: History, Geography, Business Studies, Religious Studies, Law, Economics and Politics.

In Year 9 all students study History, Geography and Religious Studies.

In Years 10 and 11 students can opt to study History, Geography, Philosophy and Ethics, Business Studies and Latin as one of their option subjects. Ethical thinking is taught once a fortnight as part of the core curriculum.

In the sixth form we offer courses in History, Geography, Religious Studies, Business Studies, Law, Economics, Politics, and Classical Civilisation.

We place a great deal of emphasis on the extracurricular activities that we organise. Some of these are to support students and the curriculum such as the catch up and revision sessions that all departments offer as part of the GCSE and A’ level courses. At other times visits take place to support a GCSE or A’ level course. For example, in recent years the history department has visited Kenilworth Castle for GCSE and Geography organise fieldwork visits to places such as Walton on the Naze, the Lake District and Yorkshire for GCSE and A Level.

We also regularly take residential or day visits in order to give students an opportunity to see for or experience themselves examples of some of the things that they are studying. In recent years this has included residential or day trips to the following:

Poland to visit Auschwitz (RS)

Berlin and Munich (History)

Iceland (Geography)

Prague (Politics and Economics)

Brussels (Politics and Economics)

The Bank of England (Economics)

The National Justice Museum (RS)

The London Buddhist Vihara (RS)

Amaravati Buddhist Monastery (RS)

The Houses of Parliament (Politics)

The British Library (History)

Crown and Magistrates Courts ( Law)